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Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher a New Species for Pakistan

From the outset I (Islbirder) will hold my hand up and admit a mistake and lapse. And, if you are going to make a gaffe, it might as well be a big one. I only overlooked a First Record for Pakistan. For a non-birder that may seem no big deal; however, for a birder it is a serious howler. The argument for the defence is that I received a number of fantastic (as always) photographs from RMK in Pakistan. Looking at them on my desktop in the UK, I identified each one and posted them onto our Islamabad Birding Blog. Two did puzzle me for a while and taking into account the time of year and location I identified them as a rather odd looking first-winter Himalayan (White-tailed) Rubythroat Luscinia pectoralis.
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A few days ago …