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The Beautiful Pakistan Bee-eaters

Hello Readers
I know you are asking why the Blog has not been updated for such a long time. I say this because a lady, who is a serious ornithologist, asked me the same question during a very formal gathering and I was a little bit embarrassed.
My excuses are that I was being a bit lazy for not updating the blog and secondly, I have spotted no new birds in Islamabad and surrounding areas as the migration has started and winter birds have now left. However, I will share with you the few images I have managed to capture.
Asian Green Bee-eaters arrived during April in; apparently reduced numbers and I have only seen a few in and around Islamabad.

Surprisingly, two other species, the Blue-tailed Bee-eater and the Blue-cheeked Bee-eater that visits Sialkot and Tala Gang in Punjab have been just seen in good numbers. What does worry me, however, is that many of the traditional nesting areas used by these species have been destroyed to make way for house building.
On 27 May 2017, I went to Kalar …